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It’s the difference you can taste – and see– in every Food Craftory product. Our approach starts with the freshest ingredients, skillfully crafted to ensure the highest standards of quality and food safety in every single item. It’s our commitment to your satisfaction. And to changing the way we think about pre-packaged foods for the better.

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We believe that prepackaged foods should prioritize taste along with convenience, for our wholesale clients and their customers alike. That’s why we only use the freshest, high-quality ingredients with total traceability from prep to production and final delivery. 

Food Craftory’s chef-inspired products are made to order for any setting, on time and on budget. Attention to detail ensures consistent standards of taste and visual appeal in every single item, regardless of quantity or other specifications… so you know that whatever we create, the takeaway is always positive and always delicious!



One bright moment during holiday airline cancellations on December 24, 2022 was finding your product at AUS Airport. I expected the oversized ham and cheese sandwich to be a dry, tasteless filler like sandwiches I’ve had from other vendors. WOW was I surprised! It was well made, fresh and absolutely delicious. We’d been traveling through 7 airports over 8 days, and nothing I’d eaten on the road compared with the excellence of your sandwich!


Definitely enjoyed the food… this was better than most of what the “hospital” was serving!!! THANK YOU!!! Wish you would expand out into the land of “grocery stores”… :)


Want to extend our thanks from BSW Lakeway to the entire team during the latest ice storm. You provided excellent customer service even with a drastic increase in product request, short notice and extremely difficult driving conditions. With no power for 24 hours, your excellent customer service was crucial to all our hospital staff. If it wasn’t for the quick response of your team, it would have been extremely difficult to feed the entire hospital in such conditions.

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