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 Struggling with labor? Supply chain? Product consistency? Equipment expenses? Worried about Food Safety? Our extensive food manufacturing experience might be the solution for you. We understand the importance of product consistency, brand recognition, and consumer trust. Our Partners are treated like family. 


Reduce Cost

Using a co-packer helps reduce overall costs. Such as equipment, food waste and staffing. Training and retraining employees on how to properly make a product and product inconsistencies are costly. Using a co-packer allows you to allocate money and time to other aspects of the business.


Quality Control & Food Safety

We navigate food regulations under USDA, FDA, SQF guidelines, which result in authentic recipe replication. Your recipe will be in good hands from confidentiality of your product formula to consistently delivering a high quality product. 



Our ability to rapidly scale production to keep up with your growth provides flexibility.


Inventory Turnover

By strategically choosing which products to co-pack, inventory SKU’s can be reduced which leads to operational efficiency.


Private Labeling

Expand your ready to eat product offerings with high quality Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Snacks, Meals, Deli Salads, Fruit cups, Desserts and more. Our state of the art production facility has both small and large batching capabilities with lower than industry average minimum order sizes. All with your private label!


End to End

Our team will help scale your recipe for production batch sizes, label design, material sourcing, and distribution.

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